No Deposit Bonus Slots UK

Over the last year or so, there have been significant changes in the UK Gambling Commission’s rules regarding bonuses and promotions, such as no deposit bonuses in the UK. It is certainly worth keeping an eye out for changes such as those which have occurred as they can radically alter the value of no deposit slot bonuses, and what they can offer. When you are thinking of playing no deposit bonus slots, there are a few things you may wish to know. We have indicated the more recent changes below…

All expiration dates must be listed

First and foremost, the UKGC (UK Gambling Commission) has recently decreed that all promotions and bonuses at UKGC licensed casinos must clearly display the expiration dates of any offer they are promoting. This means that if you see an offer which promises no deposit bonus slots action, you should look for an expiration date to ensure it is still claimable.

Lots of sites are offering bonuses free from wagering restrictions

Another major change in policy means that many top casinos are now offering no deposit bonus slots offers which come free from wagering restrictions. This essentially means that whatever you win with your free spin no deposit bonus is yours to keep, with no questions asked. This is a rather exciting change and one which certainly makes these types of offers more attractive.

Suddenly, not so attractive?

One thing that the new changes in rules have done is make a huge gulf appear between casinos which adhere to the new rules and regulations and those which don’t. Suddenly some no deposit bonus slots promos don’t seem so attractive when stacked up against those which come free of wagering requirements. We’d recommend that you browse a few sites and see what’s out there before sticking to one bonus over another.

Bonus spins, not free spins

You may have noticed a change in language, too, from free spins to bonus spins. The UKGC has now decreed that any free spins which are offered as match deposit bonuses are no longer entitled to be called free spins. Instead, they must be referred to as bonus spins. Only free spins which form a part of a no deposit bonus slots offer which does not ask for any deposit to be made and does not carry wagering requirements are entitled to be called free spins. This is something you may wish to keep tabs on.

What should the typical UK no deposit bonus look like now?

Now that there are new rules and regulations from the UK Gambling Commission, what do ideal no deposit bonus slots offers look like? By using the information provided above, you can get a pretty good idea. They should have clearly identifiable validity periods listed; they should be free of wagering requirements, and specify whether they are bonus spins or free spins, with the latter more valuable. With more and more casinos now offering these types of no deposit bonus slots deals, there has never been a better time to snap up free casino bonus offers.