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Game of Thrones Slot

As one of the biggest TV shows in the world, Game of Thrones has really captured the fantasy market in recent times. The books of which the TV series is based upon are some of the most captivating novels prepared in recent times and really do stand as the ideal choice for anyone who enjoys a bit of myth and fantasy in their lives, mixed in with political intrigue and drama throughout. However, for those who just want to relax a little bit and enjoy the world of Game of Thrones from a new viewpoint, then the new Game of Thrones Slot game might be just what you are looking for!

Designed by the ever-impressive Microgaming, this gives you a huge amount of paylines to pick from with anything from 15 paylines along the way to the crazy “243 Ways” version which gives you a huge amount of winning combos to pick from. When you first start playing this awesome game, you will immediately be taken into the world of the HBO series and find yourself surrounded by many of the key characters and emblems from the series, allowing the most ardent of fans to really get sucked into the environment that they love so much!

You get to choose a series of free spins at one stage, too, this happens when you land three, four or five scatter symbols during one spin. The game then lets you pick from the Four Houses – a main part of the storyline – and whatever you pick, you can get a different kind of free spin such as extra stacking effects or more multipliers. These small quirks help you to make your choice based on how they will improve your game rather than who you love/hate the most from the series! The full list of Game of Thrones slot bonuses is as displayed below.

  1. Targaryen house provides 18 free spins with a 2x multiplier.
  2. Stark house gets you 14 free spins with a 3x multiplier.
  3. Lannister house gives 10 free spins on a 4x multiplier.
  4. Baratheon house gets you 5 free spins on a 4x multiplier.

Whether you choose a larger number of free spins for a lower multiplier or vice verse is completely down to your own individual preference. We have seen just about equal success with all options but you may find some luckier for you than others. (Update: What we have noticed though is that the we have had far bigger wins when opting for the lower spins but higher multipliers, contrary to what we said before over many thousands of Game of Thrones slot spins this has turned out to be true, try it yourself and see what you make of it!)

Update: We won over 600 pounds from a 30p spin after selecting Targaryen House for the 8 free spins, a serious win for such a small stake, we just wish we’d got a screenshot of it but the excitement of the moment took over and we completely forgot!

Another feature that we particularly enjoyed was that of the appearance of the dragons egg ablaze. This appears on any spin where you land 2 iron throne symbols and will reward you with a range of very respectable on the spot cash prizes.


The actual design quality of the the Game of Thrones slot game is second to none in terms of capturing the realism of the series – it makes you feel incredibly close to the series and gives you plenty of homages to laugh over. The various ways of winning and playing mean that everyone gets to choose a playstyle that suits themselves and suits those around them, making it easier than ever for someone to just relax and actually get things in gear when they are playing instead of trying to second guess the rules!

What Stakes to Play Game of Thrones Slot With?

You can bet anything from 15p-£6 per spin depending on what game you are playing or what you are actually trying to achieve, so the decisions that you make to do with how you will progress in the game are entirely up to you. How much are you willing to spend? Can you afford a bad run at £6/spin? It’s these little decisions along the way that dictate the experience for you, so make sure that you consider every possibly avenue before committing to a specific playstyle. The options for the stakes are set out below.

  • 243 Ways To Win. Here you can bet anything from 30p to £6
  • 15 Paylines. This option allows a minimum stake of 15p through to a maximum stake of £3.

The actual game itself takes on so many of the features of the HBO series to give you everything that you need – all of the symbols and signs that fill up the game carry the same style and quality as the brilliant Game of Thrones TV series. The Free Spins feature mentioned above is one of the most popular, where you get to choose a House to serve in which they will provide you with certain tokens of their gratitude in the form of spins, multipliers or anything else that you can think of.


You also get access to the typical features like a Scatter bonus, which is the GoT sign. When you start to get yourself into a rut this can be the saviour that you need as it helps you win cash prizes that can be multiplied along the way, helping you stay on the winning streak when things aren’t going quite as well for you and ensure that you get back on track and don’t get too annoyed with the Game of Thrones slot as we did for a while after a not so great streak where we blitzed quite a bit cash. Don’t get disheartened if this happens, perhaps take a break and come back in a day or two when your luck might be in.

The overall performance of the game matches the quality of the show – you feel like you are playing an official product. Aesthetically it’s class, it performs well and will run on just about any device and also has a nice and steady learning curve that can make your own life so much easier to deal within the long run. While it’s hard to get the biggest wins that will leave you with a much better financial reward, when they do come it can literally change your entire life – though we have found that you are far more likely to experience medium to smaller sized wins. These come frequently throughout the game and are sure to keep you on the edge of your seat as you will never be far from some winning action.

If you are a fan of this brilliant TV series then you might want to consider trying out this fantastic rendition. Perfectly balanced with nostalgia, quality, class and something a little more unique than usual this can be the ideal solution for big-time Game of Thrones fans and slots players alike. So go ahead and check out some of the offers we have listed at the top of the page, you’ll find that we have selected the very best bonuses available anywhere online and you can also grab yourself some freebies that’ll let you play Game of Thrones slots online for free before you actually deposit any of your own cash, this will enable you to get to grips with the symbols and bonus games so that you know exactly what you are doing before you go ahead and play for real money.

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